50-Prediction List-1: Jan-2020: Repeat Sentence

51.We are not going to accept the assignment after the due date on Friday.
52.We must put great care when analyzing data.
53.We would like a first draft of the assignment by Monday.
54.Would you prepare some PowerPoint slides with appropriate graphs?
55.You should include your name and identification number on the registration form.
56.You should raise your concern with the head of school.
57.A demonstrated ability to write clear, correct and concise English is bigotry.
58.Biographical information should be removed prior to the publication of the results.
59.Globalization has been an overwhelming urban and urbanization phenomenon.
60.I can’t attend the lecture because I have a doctor’s appointment.
61.I used to have coffee with milk and one sugar.
62.Newspapers across the country reported stories of presidents.
63.The first person in space was from the Soviet Union.
64.The verdict depends on which side was more convincing to the jury.
65.Unfortunately, the two most interesting economic electives clash on my time table.
66.To answer such a complex question with a simple yes or no is absolutely impossible.
67.I would like tomatoes and cheese sandwiches on white bread and orange juice.
68.In 1830, periodicals appeared in large numbers in America
69.It is clear that there is little accurate documentation in support of this claim.
70.Most printers in the library are out of ink.
71.Nearly half of the television outputs are given away for educational programs.
72.Number the beakers and put them away until tomorrow.
73.Organic food is grown without applying chemicals and possesses no artificial additives.
74.Physics is a detailed study of matter and energy.
75.Student loans are now available for international students.
76.The bookstore is located on the main campus behind the library.
77.The lecture theatre one is located on the ground floor of the Pack Building.
78.The professor will be the last speaker this evening.
79.The small Indian island is a land of forests, valleys and snowy islands.
80.The study of archaeology requires extensive international fieldwork.

81.The timetable for the next term will be available next week.
82.The United States has developed a coffee culture in recent years.
83.The US ranks the 22nd in foreign aid, given as a percentage of GDP.
84.Vessels carry blood from the heart to other organs of the body.
85.What distinguishes him from others is his dramatic use of black and white photography.
86.The gap between rich and poor is not decreasing as rapidly as expected.
87.The student welfare officer can help students with different issues.
88.All of our accommodation is within a walking distance to the academic buildings.
89.We are required to submit the assignment before Friday.
90.There will be an open book exam on Monday, the twenty-eighth.
91.You can find the student service center on level one of the Home Building.
92.Please do not bring food into the classroom.
93.Please make sure all works follow the department guidelines.
94.Environmental friendliness is a new category in which campuses are competing.
95.To measure distance could take as much as three weeks.
96.I expect a long and stagnant debate for a week or two on this issue.
97.All students on engineering courses spent one year working on war experience.
98.Much of the evidence used has only recently become available.
99.Higher fees make students think more critically about what universities can offer.
100.History is not the simple collection of dates and events.

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