Prediction List -1: Dec-2019: Repeat Sentence

1.A computer virus destroyed all my files.
2.A thorough bibliography is needed at the end of every assignment.
3.All undergraduate students should participate in the seminar.
4.All students and staff have access to the printers and scanners.
5.Basketball was created in 1891 by a physician and a physical instructor.
6.Being a vegan means not consuming any animal meat.
7.Conferences are always scheduled on the third Wednesday of the month.
8.Please pass the handouts along to the rest of the people in your row.
9.Elephant is the largest land living mammal.
10.Even with the permit, finding a parking spot on campus is almost impossible.
11.I didn’t understand the author’s point of view on immigration.
12.I missed yesterday’s lecture. Can I borrow your notes?
13.I will be in my office every day from ten to twelve.
14.If you forget your student number, you need to contact Jenny Brice.
15.In Europe, the political pressure is similar regarding globalization.
16.It is important to take gender into account when discussing the figures.
17.Just wait a minute. I will be with you shortly.
18.Make sure you correctly cite all your sources.
19.Meeting with mentors could be arranged for students who need additional help.
20.Meteorology is a detailed study of earth’s atmosphere.
21.No more than four people can be in the lab at once.
22.On behalf of our department, I would like to thank you for your participation.
23.On this project, you will be asked to work as a group of three.
24.Our class is divided into two groups. You come with me, and the others just stay here.
25.The portfolio is due at the internal review office no later than Tuesday.
26.Put the knife and fork next to the spoon near the edge of the table.
27.In this library, the reserve collection of books can be borrowed for up to three hours.
28.She is an expert in 18th century French literature.
29.She used to be everywhere, but today she is missing.
30.Sports are the cause of traumatic brain injury in the United States.
31.Students can download the materials from the website.
32.The agricultural sector in that country is heavily subsidized.
33.The author expressed an idea that modern readers invariably cannot accept.
34.The Internet provides unusual opportunities for students and current events.
35.Clear evidence between brain events and behavioral events is always fascinating.
36.The contest includes both land living history and human history.
37.The first few sentences of an essay should capture the readers’ attention.
38.The glass is not a real solid, because it doesn’t have a crystal structure.
39.The minimal mark for Distinction grade is no less than 75%.
40.The office opens on Mondays and Thursdays directly following the freshman seminar.

41.The original Olympic Games were celebrated as religious festivals.
42.The Psychology Department is looking for volunteers to be involved in research projects.
43.The real reason for global hunger is not the lack of food, but poverty.
44.The theoretical proposal was challenged to grass.
45.The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.
46.The wheelchair lift has been upgraded this month.
47.There is no entrance fee for tonight’s lecture.
48.To receive the reimbursement, you must keep the original receipts.
49.Try to explain how your ideas are linked so that there is a logical flow.
50.We are delighted to have professor Robert to join our faculty.

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