Exam Recalls Oct-2019

Exam Recall: 13th Oct 2019: Dubai

• Read aloud – It was not that difficult
• Repeat Sentence – Simple except one or two
• DI – Windmill image, UK internet access, Transport system revolution, Vocabulary size at various age from 1- 6 yrs. & Tesco downloading

• Retell – Open border & brain development

• SWT – Skipping breakfast & London stock exchange
• Essay – Getting married before attaining education and job

• Most of it was new

SST – LSE competitions & Drug Advertisement
WFD – Journalism graduates mainly work in commutation field
The main difficulty in postgraduate education is the funding
there were another two which I can’t remember.


Exam Recall: 13th Oct 2019: Australia

Summarize Written Text:
  1. UK vote
  2. the wine industry
Writing Essay:

Many people think that regions affect a successful person. What is your opinion about native region and accomplished
person’s influence on the region he belongs to?

Summarize Spoken Text:
  1. woman study loan
  2. Indian peasant
  1. The qualification will be accessed by using a conference criterion approach.
  2. You need to submit your assignment next Thursday.
  3. You need to hand in essay next semester.
  4. The toughest problem for postgraduate students is funding.
  5. Animals raised capacity to behave differently from wild counterparts



Exam Recall: 10th Oct 2019

 Write From Dictation:
  1. Mutually exclusive events are neither complementary nor opposing.
  2. Climate change is now an acceptable phenomenon amongst reputable scientists.


Exam Recall: 9th Oct, 2019

Retell Lecture:
  1. Frog
  2. How to become a good professor
Summarize Written Text:
  1. IBM Prediction
  2. songbirds
Writing Essay:
  • For a less developed country, the disadvantages of tourism can be as great as its advantages.


Exam Recall: 8th Oct, 2019 

Speaking: 41 questions

Read aloud-7 questions, spoke fluently and clearly
Repeat sentence-11 questions- all are between 6 to 8 words..missed two repeat sentence as I am unable to capture words
Describe image-7
One pie chart, one table, one bar graph, two flow charts, two line graphs.
Retell lecture-3
First one- about Wilson
I don’t remember other two.
Answer short questions-13
Unable to answer 2 3 questions but spoke something

Summarize Written Text:
  1. Advantage of US over India
  2. Primitive carers
  3. Can’t remembered
Writing Essay:
  1. Mass communication a and it’s positive and negative consequences on individuals and on society.


Reading-16 :

Fill in the blanks- 5 questions no repeated questions all were new.

Multiple choice questions-2

  1. About Denmark and its workers, selected only one as I am not sure about other
  2. About women empowerment in 19th century

Reading and writings fill in the blanks- 5 questions,not repeated all were new

Reorder paragraph-2 easy ones

Multiple choice single answer- 2 easy ones


Listening: 17 questions
Summarize Spoken Text:2
  1. Globalization

    debate on church funding

Fill in the blanks- 3, missed one spelling

Highlight correct summary-2

Multiple choice multiple answers-2
  1. About Shakespeare

Multiple single answer- 2

Highlight incorrect words- 2, missed 2nd one as accent is very difficult to understand marked only two wrong words

Write from dictation- 3

  1. The art school of remaining very interesting experiment-unable to capture whole words written only 4 words out of 7 words
  2. After majoring in journalism, journalists have many jobs in communication field
  3. Animals raised in captivity behave differently while they are with their counterparts.


Exam Recall: 5th Oct, 2019 

Describe image :
  1. most of them were bar diagrams
Answer short questions:
  1. which section of newspaper give the editors opinion?
  2. What documents does a person take to travel from one place to another?
  3. What do we do last thing while making cake?
  4. What do we call lover of books?
Summarize Written Text: 
  1. something about television..

Essay: Employees should be involved in decision making in companies.. agree or disagree?


Exam Recall: 4th Oct, 2019 : India

Writing Essay:

The world’s governments and organizations are facing a lot of issues. Which do you think is the most pressing problem for the inhabitants on our planet and give the solution?


Summarize Spoken Text:
  1. Talent War—Compete for talent
  2. Universities compete for 3 things: best students, staff, government & donor’s funding
Write From Dictation:

Animals raised in captivity behaved differently from their wild counterparts.


Exam Recall: 3rd Oct, 2019 : Melbourne

Writing Essay:

New invention? Detrimental and beneficial for society?

Summarize Written Text:

Skipping breakfast
Equity and quality
One new The evolution of RSA

Summarize Spoken Text:
  1. Biology
  2. Urbanization and globalization
Write From Dictation:
  1. Those requirements formal extension, contact your faculty for information.
  2. This assignment will be due on the fourteenth of September.
  3. Criterion to approach…
FIB reading

All New

  1. Walt mart run out money, this trend, cause of that, feel strain
  2. Shortage of skill, engineers,opportunities, double
Single word answer

Who is the predecessor of smith


Exam Recall: 2nd Oct, 2019 : India


Read aloud : Egyptian
Many other is easy
repeated sent :- 4 to 5 lengthy
RL:- traffic light with food system
Civilization and other don’t remember
DI:- table chart, pie graph of injury location, bar graph participation and average temperature

Writing Essay:
  1. Human behavior change by law
Summarize Written Text:
  1. India and us for technology
  2. Tree ring dating method
 Summarize Spoken Text:
  1. Telent of war
  2. Curriculum
Write From Dictation:

The aerial photography registered like something

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